Emma Dickson


I’m intrigued by data and the ways in which it shapes our lives. I love working with Time Based Media, especially digital art, and executed the 2016-2017 restoration of BRANDON a 1998-1999 piece of netart by Shu Lea Cheang. My personal projects tend to focus on the conservation/creation of net art, I’m an active skater with Bull City Roller Derby and I’m employed as a Data Scientist/Developer with IBM.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conservation of Digital Born Art



I'm a hard worker.

Technical Work
IBM: Data Insights Squad

As a Data Scientist/Data Engineer I focus on finding ways to implement better Agile practices based on company wide tool usage.

IBM: Extreme Blue

I worked intensively with a team of interns and an MBA to develop and pitch a product to upper level executives within IBM. In the process I gained extensive knowledge of mining and analyzing text at scale, graph databases and microservice development.

Bull City Roller Derby

I redesigned the site for the first Durham based Roller Derby League Bull City Roller Derby. I'm also an active member of the league, Georgia Oh Queef


I executed the 2016-2017 Restoration of BRANDON for the Guggenheim. BRANDON is a seminal piece of net art and I'm very proud to have helped make it available to the public again. Visit the restored site here!

Toolmaker in Residence at Signal Culture

I began work on Dead Languages, in which obsolete audio and video forms are continually transmitted and decoded across multiple platforms.

The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base

I assisted as a volunteer coder and user experience test subject for the development of the Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base which you can view here.


My full conservation portfolio is available here

Homestuck Offline Conservation Group

I am currently helping to migrate old homestuck pages with the original flash content to an archive.

Mixed Connections

Mixed Connections re-combines and scrambles actual craigslist missed connections posts to explore identity and longing on the net.

  • Featured in Digital America Issue No. 11
  • Featured in maps-dna-and-spam
  • Featured in #cyborgs
  • Featured in OBJECTIFIED 2019
  • Featured in Queertech.io 2019
  • Featured in What Will Remain of Us, Online exhibit
  • Dead Languages