Emma Dickson


I'm a Data Engineer, Time Based Media Technician and Artist. I'm fascinated by outdated technology and the process of translation and obsolescence in technical languages. I currently work at Artsy as a Data Engineer and Webrecorder as a General Developer.

I love to be busy! If you want to hire me for a freelance job, exhibt my artwork or talk about a commission email me at [email protected]


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I'm a hard worker.

Data Engineer Work


I currently work at Artsy as a Data Engineer on the Platform Team. In this role I work to improve and maintain ELT pipelines. I work in close contact with the Data team and primarily in Ruby/Python.

IBM: Data Insights Squad

As a Data Scientist/Data Engineer I focused on finding ways to implement better Agile practices based on company wide tool usage.


I currently work a as a General Developer at Webrecorder.io . I'm very passionate about making web archiving accessible and am delighted to be on the team.

Conservation/Archives Work


I was a part of the team that executed the 2019 Restoration of net.flag for the Guggenheim. Visit the restored site here!

The Electronic Literature Organization

I helped to develop and maintain the ELO's hyrax archive


I was a part of the team that executed the 2016-2017 Restoration of BRANDON for the Guggenheim. BRANDON is a seminal piece of net art and I'm very proud to have helped make it available to the public again. Visit the restored site here!

The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base

I worked as a coder and user experience test subject for the development of the Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base which you can view here.

The Nasher

I helped The Nasher perform an assessment of their Time Based Media Collection and it's condition.

The Tate

I recently performed a small assesment of a Flash piece for the Tate


Got a project you need help with? Email me. I'm always happy to do freelance jobs.


Net Art

Mixed Connections

Mixed Connections re-combines and scrambles actual craigslist missed connections posts to explore identity and longing on the net.

  • Featured in Digital America Issue No. 11
  • Featured in maps-dna-and-spam
  • Featured in #cyborgs
  • Featured in OBJECTIFIED 2019
  • Featured in What Will Remain of Us, Online exhibit

  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine gives viewers an online cleansing ritual. Anything entered into the text box will be encoded into colors upon hitting "Wash". This stops the swimmer in their rotation. Upon hitting "Rinse" the encoded text is erased, and the swimmer continue cycling.

  • Featured in CIRCLE 2021

  • New Media Art

    Dead Languages

    Dead Languages is a work in progress, it explores the data loss inherent in old media and how that reflects our experience of memory.

    I'm Beside Myself

    “Beside Myself” is an interactive installation.

    Users slip on a VR headset where a camera dangles above their head and voluntarily enter a space of anxiety and removal from themselves. This forced removal from their own perspective invites them to consider the ways in which they are always engaging in self alienation and reconciliation.

    Closed Circuit

    Closed Circuit is an ongoing series of sculptures created from personal tv/radio’s.

    Each piece in the series is an individual with it’s own unique character. The television is disassembled, and reconstructed with custom alterations to its circuitry. A security camera is incorporated into the tv’s antenna and connected to a version of Tetsuo Kogawa's micro tv transmitter. The television is then tuned in to receive the transmission of itself. This results in a sculpture that is forced to view and display itself.

    Closed Circuit #1

    First in the series. This sculpture also has a cassette tape running.

    Closed Circuit #2

    Second in the series. This has a custom 'double yoke'.

    Tools/Build Guides

    508 Loop Detected

    508 Loop Detected Is a hardware collaboration project that resulted in a rgb based visual synth. I've used it in several local performances.

    VCRoy: VHS Camera Circuit Bending

    VCRoy Is an ongoing vhs camera circuit bending experiment. Use this build guide to recreate the work and have your own circuit bent vhs camera.


    Signal Culture Winter ToolMaker 2019

    While a Toolmaker in Residence I worked with found slides and began developing a new multimodal form of SSTV in my project Dead Languages.

    Satellite 2021 Fellow

    More on this soon